$0 website migrations

Move your site anywhere anytime


Free for personal use

You can't get cheaper than that. Enough said.

Free for personal use

Simple and fast

Our app was built to be as simple as possible. But even if you get lost along the way - we will help you.

Simple and fast


Your data is transferred directly. We do not store your files on our servers, even temporarily.


No downtime

We know how to do migrations properly and taught our software to. Your website will not go down.

No downtime

You won't get stuck.

Manual migrations are not easy. Many factors need to be taken into account. ... But not anymore!

Rehostio detects your servers' characteristics and determines the right way to do the migration. Everything happens automatically.

All you have to do is tell it where your site is and where you want it to be.

Note that Rehostio does not change anything on your source server neither does it point the DNS after the migration. There is no downtime - your site stays up during the migration.

Once the migration is done you will get simple instructions on how to verify the migration and then point the DNS to your new host.

Rehost Your Website

Simple and intuitive web interface.
All hosts supported

All major hosts supported

Rehostio can move your websites from any host to any host as long as it supports PHP and curl.

Paid support available

If you have a complex site, which requires advanced code changes to work on a new host, our engineers will help you with that.

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Paid Support Available